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Some people lay frame, some body drop, some even cut off there rocker panels and body drop. Insane people cut off half of their trucks. This is what we call BODY BURY!!!



Dan's Blazer        

Owner: Daniel Schmidt

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City: Asheville

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State: North Carolina

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Car Club: N/A  
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Year: 1987
Make: Chevy
Model: Blazer
Suspension: Air Ride
Wheels: 13" Fiero wheels
More Information: Available Below

3/8" air line

2600 lbs. Air bags up front and out back

Fast bag electric valve manifold

Rear cantilever with upper a-arm in place of the strut assembly

Custom built front suspension with tubing a-arms

Used the Blazer's A/C compressor for the air bag system


Door handles

Body badges


Gas door

Tail gate

Toyota bumper and valence / also has been chopped and narrowed

Luggage rack

Windshield wipers

Front marker lights


Widened the rear body 3 "

Chopped off at lower body line

Suicide doors

Suicide tilt front clip

Fiberglass humps to allow room for the wheels

14 1/2" body drop


Custom built firewall

Custom built floor pan

NASCAR style 2"x3" square tubing frame

Fiero rear clip and motor


Four wheel disc brakes

Fiero bolt pattern

Head lights in bumper

Taurus wagon shocks on rear window

Virtual tag box

Billet spun aluminum fuel tank


Fiero 2.5 liter four cylinder

Webber 38 mm carburetor

Ported intake

Custom 2" exhaust


Sneaky Pete NOS system

K&N air filter

Accel super coil

100 amp chrome alternator


Grant GT steering wheel

Honda Civic bucket seats

Blue and gray tweed

Custom made polished aluminum pedals

Custom built dash

Checker board/graphics paint scheme on floor pan

Custom stereo with 15" JL Audio subs


2" chop top

Shaved body line

Caddy tail lights

Sliding rag top

Cadillac 350 V/8 Engine

"The first thing you think when you see the Blazer is 

( Damn that thing is low, or that's ridicules!!!!!) In all reality

that's an understatement."

Quote By Daniel Schmidt



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